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You need to hear this. We all do.

You're brave. You're smart. You're unique. You're strong. You're helpful. You're enough.


Mental health is a big part of what we do here at Purrth. Every one of our staff members struggles with things from time to time, and many of our regulars treat the Cat Lounge as a sanctuary to top up their bucket.

Part of the path to positive mental health is little reminders or words of affirmation confirming the things we need to hear most, especially from ourselves!



These little badges do exactly that. They're a gentle nudge in the right direction. Each time you feel it on your clothes, or you see it in your reflection, you can repeat that mantra to yourself. Hopefully, after some time, you will just believe the words and won't need the badge any more - then you can pass it on to someone else who can't see how amazing they are yet.

All badges are 3.5cm x 3.5cm - perfect for shirts, jackets, pencil cases, school bags and more.


Made right here:

The entire range is made by hand with love right here at Purrth in our Subiaco workshop from start to finish. 

  1. We draw the artwork
  2. We laser cut the art out of recyclable materials
  3. We colour the work in by hand using colour safe paint pens
  4. We lovingly package it, and ship it to you.


Get a set to share and save.


Badges are $15 each individually, but they're three for $30 so you can get a set and rotate them, or share with your pals.



As each piece is handmade, orders will usually take 2-5 days to make.

Pick up in-store orders will be notified via email when they are available for collection.