It's been a great year!

The 9th of July 2021 was the Cat Cafe's fifth birthday - wow. As you may know, it wasn't an easy journey getting here. Banks, councils, landlords, and insurers all said no when we first pitched our ideas back in early 2015. Well here we are five years into business, and we couldn't be prouder.

What have we achieved this year?

We have continued to push hard at our company vision "For Animal Welfare & Human Happiness." On the Animal Welfare side of things, we have fed, socialised and rehomed 10 foster kittens. We have seen many customers go on to adopt cats from Cat Haven after a "trial" session with their family at Purrth. We have spread the word of good pet care to tens of thousands of visitors. And, we have provided a very spoiled and happy life for our 12 fur-babies.

On the Human Happiness side of things, we have continued to foster a carefully curated environment that supports mental health - our sanctuary to all. We regularly receive emails and direct messages from people thanking us for "being there we they needed us the most" or "providing them with a safe place." We have seen an increase in the number of neurodivergent visitors who find the Cat Lounge wonderfully calming. We have celebrated well over 200 birthdays. We released 17 new products to make people and their cats smile all over the country. We sent out daily cuteness on our socials for cat lovers everywhere.

And, we have provided gainful, soul-rewarding employment to nine wonderful humans.

This year's donation to Cat Haven

Along with spreading awareness every day of the excellent work they do, we also donate a portion of all our sales to Cat Haven WA. While things have been hard for a lot of businesses in hospitality and tourism, we are still committed to supporting the kitties in need as much as we can. 

This year, we are pleased to donate $5,000 to Cat Haven WA.

That's $43,545.70 we have donated over the last five years!


One more thing:

There's one more thing we need say, and it's directed at you. On behalf of Pepi, Chris, Leni, Anni, Sarah, Emma, Panya, Grace, Rosalie, Mr Fox, Rolo, Jelly, Sparky, Albus, Mowgli, Ren, Ziggy, Raksha, Rey, Pumba, Nouni and Major...
Thank you!

We couldn't have done any of this without you and we certainly wouldn't have made it to five years. We are so grateful that we get to do the work we do.

So, thank you again and have a wonderful day!