It's Been a Great Year!

We are so pleased to be celebrating another year or Purrth in our Subiaco home. Our vision for The Cat Cafe is "For Animal Welfare, and Human Happiness." We take this notion very seriously, and use it strategically to track our goals and measure the success of our achievements. Much was achieved for Human Happiness. This year we had more marriage proposals (all successful), hundreds of birthdays (at least two per day, every day), and some blindfolded surprises. What we are most humbled by though, are the countless comments we have received from people after their session, thanking us for "being there when they needed it most." It is very important to us that we offer a warm and happy environment for positive mental health. With so many people struggling internally, we are grateful that we can offer a place of joy, relaxation, rejuvenation, or whatever our guests might need. 
This year some of our notable achievements for Animal Welfare included, sustaining a happy home for our 13 furry children, showcasing rescue cats to approximately 100,000 people in Perth, rehoming five rescue kittens directly, and spreading the word Adopt Don't Shop for Cat Haven WA. Along with spreading Cat Haven's message and showcasing rescue cats, we have also been slowly raising money to help support them financially too. Thank you to everyone this year who bought tickets, coffee, merchandise, anything in our store or online, or left a tip, or a donation in the jar or machine, every bit counts.


Our 2019 Purrthday Cat Haven Donation:

This year we are pleased to announce this year's Purrthday donation... 

From The Cat Cafe to Cat Haven is $11,412! 


Thank You from All of Us!

Purrth is a small family owned and operated business. We rely on the continued support and generosity of our partners, advisors, donors, and staff to make The Cat Cafe the Happiest Place in Perth.

So thank you to Cat Haven, Perth Cat Hospital, and Hills Au, and to the entire team at Purrth.

On their behalf, and most importantly, we'd like to shout our thanks to YOU for all of your support.

We look forward to an even bigger and better fourth year together.


Happy Purrthday to you!


With love,


Chris + Pepi

Cat Dad & Cat Mum