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Exclusive Cat Lounge Bookings

Exclusive Bookings - The Private Experience

Exclusive Bookings are for groups or guests who would like to hire out the entire Cat Lounge to themselves in private.

12 total guests are permitted, but you are not required to fill that quota if you prefer a small private group, including couples on date nights - we love love.


Adult chaperones must be included in the total 12 entrants where bookings include groups of children. One adult is required for groups under 17 years. At least two guests must be adult chaperones if the children are under 14, and three adult chaperones are required if children are under 8 years old. The minimum age to enter is four (4) at all times.

Exclusives are subject to availability, and can only be booked for dates that currently have zero bookings - please email to confirm dates.


Exclusive Package Tiers

Tier One: Flat Rate $200 for the Hour

  • Allows for 12 Total Guests
  • Guarantees the entire room to yourselves
  • Two dedicated Hosts included
  • Reserve alfresco tables before/after your Cat Time if desired


Tier Two: Flat Rate $299 for the Hour

  • All of Tier One Inclusions
  • Plus Drinks, Desserts, and Lollies for all guests up to $120 value


Tier Three: Flat Rate $399 for the Hour

  • All of Tier One Inclusions
  • Plus Drinks, Desserts, and Lollies for all guests up to $120 value
  • Plus our Kitty Keepsake: Each guest can choose a Cat Mug, Cat Glitter (Keyrings, Badges, Earrings), or Meow Socks to take home after the function.


To see if your date and time is available before purchase, please contact Chris at Chris@catcafeperth.com.au 

If you would like to add to, substitute, or change any part of your package, please contact Chris, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


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